Saturday, April 17, 2010

Plagarism around Blogosphere

The Story Siren has a great post and links to other fantastic posts (to even more fantastic posts...) about the problems of others stealing reviews and paraphrasing. It is depressing that this exists and people do this. I just have to point this post out because 1.) the information is well done and 2.) the more we know, the more we recognize, the more we discuss this, the more chance we can solve this problem somehow, eventually.

My own personal rule it is to avoid reading reviews of books I intend to read. It isn't fair and I'm worried I'll inadvertently copy something.

So, how do you locate reviews that may have been copied? Just put in a Google search here and go from there?

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Angie Andre said...

No matter what our words, they are our own. It does seem peculiar that in the world of book reviews bloggers are stealing but that is unfirtunatley the reality of our world. No manners!!!!

Also I really like the title of the Story Siren's list of books she just can't finish, I'm just not that into you.