Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Apparently it is Earth Day. I only knew that it was sometime this week with no specific date because this week also saw 4/20, Administrative Professionals Day, and catch up from National Library Week. Oh and the release of the movie trailer Beastly.

So Beastly since I haven't seen Scott Pilgrim enough recently to comment. Have you watched this trailer:

(Yes it is a YouTube video from user ClevverTV. The official and much more HD trailer is at the movie site.)

I can honestly say I am excited for this movie.  The trailer does a good job of showing enough to get my interest, but not giving away all of the plot points (unless you read the book, such as I have). At first, I wasn't sure if this movie could live up to my expectations. Every book-to-movie runs the chance of ruining a favorite book or enhancing a not so good book (re: Twilight) or taking a completely different direction with the book (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). In Beastly's case, when I heard Mary Kate Olsen was to play a character, I was pretty sure I'd wait until the DVD release. Luckily, I like Mary Kate Olsen playing Kendra after watching this trailer as she adds an interesting spin to the character.

Now to the guy who plays Beastly. Simply put: Eye Candy. Admit it, everyone of us has a soft spot for the built, beach bummy looking blonde guy. I am absolutely excited over this guy. While he doesn't look like a true monster (he looks pretty in his "ugliness"), I love the artistic direction with his "Beast" side. Also, this guy seems to personify Kyle/Beast and I look forward to the transformation. I also like the fact it looks like the people who made this movie took every chance they could to have the actor take his shirt off. *drool* (If you notice, he is shirtless as he works out in the trailer, then he takes off his shirt after the transformation. Why? I don't know, and I don't care).

My only worry is that when July comes, I won't be able to find this movie. Remember Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist? It took me forever to locate a theater, and then it disappeared and I had to wait until the DVD which took forever to come out.

I'm hoping this movie does relatively well and that I can see it in one way shape or form this summer with The Philosopher Musician. He has agreed to take me because it looks "intriguing" and I asked (This man saw August Rush and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Am I lucky or what?). He and I are also excited because Neil Patrick Harris of Dr. Horrible fame is also in this. I just wish I could determine if he is playing the blind teacher or not. If you can clear that up in the comments I'd appreciate it.

PS: For Earth Day, I have inadvertently celebrated it by starting a Scrap Quilt.


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I'm more excited about this movie after this trailer. I was still nervous when I saw the first one. And yes, NPH is playing the blind tutor-love him! And yay for Dr. Horrible!:)

LittleTeenLibrarian said...

Thank you for the info! I can all ready tell that he'll be a good part to the movie. :)

Hannah S said...

I'm so excited for this movie!
Love, Hannah