Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Color of Water by Kim Dong Hwa (book 2 of 3)

Title: The Color of Water
Author: Kim Dong Hwa
Illustrator: Kim Dong Hwa
Publisher: First Second (:01)
Copyright: 2009
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-59643-459-2
Summary and Quick Thoughts: Ehwa’s story continues in this second book of The Color Trilogy. Readers follow Ehwa as she ages from about 13 to 17 and falls in love for a third time. Duksam, a young servant from another village, has stopped by Ehwa and her mother’s house looking for someone to repair his broken belt. After Ehwa is frightened by his forward comments, she fixes his belt and throws it back at him. His admiration of the stitching leads to comments about his admiration. With her gaze, Duksam feels he is able to win the wrestling match in town and thus begins the courtship of Ehwa and Duksam.

The parallels in this story of the mother and daughter continue as Ehwa continues to grow into more of a woman. The simple art still makes the story feel timeless and even have a fairy tale quality as you watch Ehwa grow from a teenager to a woman. This book includes a detailed reader’s guide that can be used for novice readers or more advanced readers.
Will Teens Like It? This is still more of an adult title, especially with the content.
Things to be aware of: Masturbation, sexual situations
Further Thoughts: How can I explain what I love about this series? The illustrations, although line and in black and white evoke love, spring time, hope, and dreams. I cannot stop picking these titles up (at least while I have them) and looking over pages and scenes and smiling at how simple lines portray the strong man Ehwa loves. Issues of romance and marriage are brought up from arranged marriages to marriage for love. Lastly, it is the little details in this story that I enjoy. In prepping for this review, I picked up the book only to realize that somewhere in the story, Ehwa begins letting her hair grow, which I believe is a signal that she has become a woman in the villagers eyes.
Bonus: First Second (:01)'s blog this week has a fantastic picture from San Diego ComiCon that features this title! Do visit the link and see what I mean. :)

An ALA Great Graphic Novel 2010

Source: Library copy.

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