Saturday, May 30, 2009

I SWEAR by for part of my collection development. I am SO excited they finally started a blog over there! I mean, I'm so excited that I have to tell you about the site as well as the fact THEY HAVE A BLOG! Yet another site I look forward to seeing in my Bloglines. ^_^

So What is

As a Teen Librarian, this is one of those review things that I always use when making my purchases. I tend to not purchase everything they suggest for the month, but I do take a look at what is up and coming.


They've done some of the work for me. The staff behind are reading the books, finding the best books that teens will love, and they GET IT. The concept of "Getting it" I will get into in another post, but the gist of it is: They are adults who understand teen reading habits.

They provide lovely summaries of the up and coming books, organize the new hardcovers, the new paperbacks (which I use!), and the new series books. They also offer reviews of previous works as well as author information, which is very, very detailed.

Either way, this is a great site to pass along to your collegues as well as add to your book marks. On my first day at this job, I was shown this site and I have used it ever since.