Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Color of Heaven by Kim Dong Hwa (Book 3 of 3: Conclusion of the Color Trilogy)

Title: The Color of Heaven
Kim Dong Hwa
Illustrator: Kim Dong Hwa
First Second (:01)
Copyright: 2009
Price: $16.99
ISBN: 978-1-59643-460-8
Summary and Quick Thoughts: Ehwa and her mother are pining for their respective men to return. Ehwa is waiting for Duksam to return. Her mother is waiting for The Picture Man to see if he’ll stay or go again. When Ehwa’s mother finally understands her daughter is pining, she decides it is time for Ehwa to learn how to keep house, for if she is to wait, she might as well stay busy. Ehwa doesn’t enjoy this, but what else is there to do? This volume concludes the story and does so in a soft, bittersweet, yet hopeful way. The Color Trilogy is a must have for any graphic novel collection as it is a lovely trilogy.
Will Teens Like It? This is a mature title. It is advertised to teens by ALA, but is really an adult title.
Things to be aware of: Sexual situations, nudity
Further Thoughts: As I closed the last book, I couldn’t help but feel sad and hopeful as this was the end of the book, but it was only the beginning for Ehwa. One of the best parts is that she revisits everything in the last two titles and closes doors so that she may face her future happily. Again, I cannot stop saying how wonderful the art was to evoke such strong emotions and again, I picked up this title as long as I had it from the library and just browsed the pictures, reflecting on the story, the scenes, and more. The only downside is the Reader’s Guide in the back, as great as it is to include, is almost exactly the same as the last. I would have liked the guides to be more focused on the book that was in hand. Overall, this is a series every library should have.
Bonus: ALA’s Great Graphic Novel List 2010

Source: Library copy.

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