Monday, March 15, 2010

Time Out - One Week or about.

I really hate to do this so early in this Blog's life, but as you can see, I didn't update yesterday and have realized that I won't be able to update this week.

Why I didn't update yesterday: We lost one of our dear cats this weekend to complications of heart disease. The Philosopher Musician and I were at the Emergency Vet (I'm so thankful that place exists) late Saturday into the early morning Sunday. I had to get up Sunday to face school work, which I restlessly worked through my "quota".

Why I'm taking time off: Seeing as I leave for my required term trip to school in the next few days, I'll be mad busy getting everything ready as I am also visiting family during this trip. While said family has an Internet connection (we hope it'll be fixed), there is no decent working printer. I'll also be visiting, prepping for school work and of course going to school. I'm also revamping and rethinking the reviews a bit, so I have to look over all that stuff.

Basically, not fun and March has been a wild and crazy month for me with a ton of projects the first week of March, a program last week, trip this week, and this sudden "blow" to my family. See you soon!

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