Sunday, March 7, 2010

Challenges 2010 - An Intro and my first sign-up.

A few weeks ago, when I was "blog hopping," I stumbled upon the concept of reading challenges, which was semi-new to me. A friend of mine and I tried to start one last year that fell on its face. I can easily see why. It was not an issue of keeping up with the challenge ourselves. It was site organization. As I look at each site I can see a link widget is necessary, organization, organization, participation, and promotion are necessary. I know organization is listed twice. This is an important concept because it does take a massive amount of organization to keep people interested and informed about the challenge. The ones I'm seeing that have massive amounts of participation are cool looking and interesting. The ones with a few challengers, are not as active, interesting, or cool looking, although, that won't stop me.

The amount of challenges that exist are nuts. There is seriously a challenge for anything you are interested in from romance, to sci fi, to history, and Graphic Novels.

You can see where I'm going here, huh?

My first challenge announcement is that I'm signing up for the Graphic Novel Challenge. I was waiting until I was listed before I announced it, but I'm there and I'm EXCITED. I'm one of the few Experts listed and since I consider myself expert, my spin on the challenge is to work through the ALA GGNs 2010 list. You remember this post?

Yep, so that's my spin and that's the first challenge I've signed up for. I've found a few others so once I get the details figured out, I'll tell you which others I'm participating in.

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