Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Happy New Year!

Last night I celebrated with a bunch of good friends, and while the night ended a little weakly, the entertainment was fun (although, I currently have some reservations about this). This morning I learned that people are still alive and not too terribly hurt.

In other news, my Twitter feed is alive with information about the CYBIL Finalists being announced. As a Y.A. Librarian, I have to look at the middle school and Y.A. categories. As a comic nerd, I have to look at the Graphic Novel list. Honestly, I like the Middle Grade list and I will be trying to read them (I like lists and always think "I'm going to read those!"). The Y.A. though, I have mixed feelings about. I totally agree with The Dreamer as it was a web comic before a book (and one I discovered through a friends blog layout of all places), but aside from Outlaw (a Junior Library Guild selection), I don't know any of these titles, even the ones that came through my "library filter." They do look interesting though and if I get a chance to read them, I'll post reviews.

Otherwise, expect more reviews in the upcoming year (graphic novels, my YA are posted at the work blog), and now that I'm following CYBIL, I will be finding my favorite graphic novel of 2010 and nominating it.

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