Sunday, January 31, 2010

GROG - The Eternal Smile

Title: The Eternal Smile
Author: Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim
Illustrator: Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim
Copyright: 2009
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-59643-156-0
Summary: In three simple stories by a leading duo, three distinct characters make decisions regarding the reality of their lives. In Duncan’s Kingdom, Duncan and the other knights are challenged to find the Frog King, bring his head to the Princess, and she will marry the winner. Duncan prepares for the quest, but can’t shake a scary dream. In Gran’pa Greenbax and The Eternal Smile, we meet the frog Gran’pa Greenbax (think Disney’s Scrooge McDuck) as he comes up with another money making scheme so that he may have a pool of gold deep enough to dive into without hitting his head. In Urgent Request, Janet Oh receives an e-mail from a “Nigerian Prince” (reminiscent of the e-mail scam) and shares her information and creates a dream world of the Nigerian Prince.
Thoughts: The Eternal Smile is a beautifully done work with three stories. It took a lot of browsing and reading before I realized that all three stories were connected in the fact that characters were facing realities they knew or did not know about. The Eternal Smile could provide a great book discussion book on the topics of reality and escaping it, especially in the third story. Overall, it was a good read and I enjoyed the work.
Will Teens Like It? Probably not. If a school was considering purchasing this, I would say provide in a high school collection. It won’t be a high circulating book, but it will provide readers with a book that will make them think.
Things to be aware of: brief discussion of porn in regards to virtual life/worlds; teen looks at porn (mention); brief mention of abuse
Bonus: I did not realize that Gene Luen Yang had also won the Eisner Award for American Born Chinese (Printz winner). I was also informed by The Philosopher Musician that American Born Chinese is considered one of the best in the Indie circle.

Read and reviewed a library copy.

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GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I think you're right-this one won't have a high teen appeal. I liked American Born Chinese better and I think that has more teen appeal than The Eternal Smile. I still enjoyed it though!