Sunday, January 3, 2010

GROG - The Good Neighbors: Book 2 - Kith

Title: The Good Neighbors: Book Two - Kith
Author: Holly Black
Illustrator: Ted Naifeh
Copyright: 2009
Price: $16.99
ISBN: 978-0-439-85563-1
Summary: Some time has passed since Rue discovered her mother isn’t actually dead. The faerie realm is slipping more and more into the everyday world of the humans. Rue watches as her father changes, her friends change, and most importantly, her boyfriend changes. Determined to discover the truth, Rue slips into the true faerie world and find her mother alive and well, dances with her Grandfather, and learns of his plot to turn the town into a faerie paradise. Rue must determine which side she is on: Human or Faerie?
Thoughts: While I enjoyed this title, I didn’t find it as gripping as the first book (review to come) for some reason. I suspect that the time between the publishing of the first volume and the second volume was a bit too long for me or it feels like a “middle book” so not a lot of plot occurs. The drawing and writing style is still beautiful, haunting, and high quality despite my lowered enthusiasm. I patiently await the next book in this series as I really don’t know what to expect from it.
Will Teens Like It? High school, dark fantasy readers, although the format may not appeal to them.
Things to be aware of: sexual implications: boy caught in van with girl, boyfriend is naked with three faeries. Minor nudity (nothing shown)

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