Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things Librairans Should Unlearn: Comic Book Edition!

[This week's review will be posted in a few days so I can join in on the Manga Movable Feast! YAY!]

I was inspired by Joyce Valenza's post (which was inspired by this post) earlier this week about what Teacher Librarians Should Unlearn and her challenge to create a meme based off of this was almost impossible to resist.

So I present to you, Things Librarians Should Unlearn: Comic Book Edition. This collaborative effort by me, The Philosopher Musician, and Sir Shanley hope to enlighten you about some common misconceptions about comics and the library.

Things Librarians Should Unlearn: Comic Book Edition
  1. Graphic novels are not literature
  2. Graphic novels and comic books do not belong in the library
  3. All graphic novels should only be shelved in the [adult, teen, or children's] collection.
  4. The ALA Great Graphic Novel Lists, professional titles, and professional journals are the best and, in fact, only graphic novel collection development tools out there.
  5. Book to graphic novel adaptations are usually awesome and a must have. Especially classic books and authors.
  6. Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and DragonBall Z are the best examples of manga.
  7. Anime and manga titles we don't recognize are probably dirty, violent, and pornographic.
  8. Only social outcasts and reluctant readers read graphic novels.
  9. Only children read comics.
  10. Librarians don't read comics.

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