Friday, August 27, 2010

Comics and Education: Links

First, I must say that the following has nothing to do with my politics. In fact, I'm not even in this particular state, so I assume it doesn't really matter, but just wanted to let you know.

When I first clicked on this link ("An Open Letter to Maryland State Senator Nancy King", ReTweeted by J. Torres from Dean Trippe) in my twitter feed today, I could not stop laughing at the picture. Seriously, the link that laying off teachers means kids will go off and read comics and not learn anything? I just had to laugh.

Unfortunately, I can't believe this stereotype is still around today. I mean, this stereotype goes way back (thinking the stuff from 1950s/1960s). I link it to you today because Dean Trippe has a lot of good things to say about comics and education. In fact, he even links to a non-profit that is linking educational comics to teachers.
Speaking of comics, tomorrow is International Read Comics in Public Day. I'll find a way to participate even though I'm working...

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