Sunday, June 27, 2010

Otomen Volume 2 by Aya Kanno

Title: Otomen vol. 2
Author: Aya Kanno
Illustrator: Aya Kanno
Publisher: Viz Media
Copyright: (Originally 2007) 2009
Price: $8.99
ISBN: 978-1-4215-2187-9
Summary: Asuka continues his double life, but is feeling better that the girl he likes is “ok” with his girly side. Volume 2 is a collection of three stories. In the first story, Asuka fights with a gang of boys to protect a smaller, weaker boy. This boy decides to adopt Asuka as his mentor, believing he is the ultimate picture perfection of manliness. The boy spies on Asuaka, so what will happen when he spies on one of the lunches Ryo, Juta, and Asuka share?! In the second story, Chritsmas comes but once a year and poor Ryo has never celebrated Christmas! The friends decide that together they will celebrate, but then a blizzard arrives possibly ruining all of Asuka’s plans for a romantic Christmas. Lastly, Asuka’s mom returns from her trip bringing news that Asuka is to be married to the cutest, girliest, rich girl so he doesn’t make any mistake and have his heart broken like she did.
Thoughts: This volume feels more episodic than the previous volume, but it is still a fun read. Asuka is starting to come to terms with who he is until his mother comes home. He feels he has to please her in her perceptions, which provides parallels to teens who feel they have to please parents. The stories are completely over the top, but it is their craziness that makes me want to keep reading. In this volume, there is an interesting throwback to Snow White and the ideals of fairy tales.
Will Teens Like It? Probably. It is way too wild and quirky.
Things to be aware of: Don’t remember anything…
Bonus: Why didn’t ALA put volume 2 in their list? It was published in 2009 but they only list volume 1. Other series have multiple volumes. If you know, please comment because I’m interested.

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