Sunday, June 20, 2010

Batman: Death Mask by Yoshinori Natsume

Happy Father's Day! In honor of my Father and Grandfather, I present you a Batman Graphic Novel Review (old format >.<). In the Bonus, I explain why I this is fitting to Father's Day! Onto the review!
Title: Batman: Death Mask
Author: Yoshinori Natsume
Illustrator: Yoshinori Natsume
Publisher: DC Comics (CMX)
Copyright: 2008
Price: $9.99
ISBN: 978-1-4012-1924-6
Summary: Bruce Wayne’s dreams are taking an odd turn as he faces, in his dreams, a shadow version of himself in a dojo from twenty years before. In his business and waking life, new business partners from Japan arrive and in their midst is a lovely young woman that looks similar to a woman he knew. For Batman, a serial killer is out on the loose, looking like him and taking the faces of dead men. How is everything connected? As The Dark Knight’s past in Japan catches up with his future, he must solve the crime and protect the future.
Thoughts: The story is different and I enjoyed the development and exploration of Bruce Wayne’s experience in Japan. There is in interview included in the back of the book that further explains this book was published stateside before being published in Japan, despite the very manga-like look the book has. Die hard Batman fans will enjoy this new look at an older and more mature Bruce Wayne and the manga style will open the doors to possible new Batman fans.
Will Teens Like It? Depends on the teen. Those who like classic superheroes or Batman will enjoy this work, as will those who like action manga.
Things to be aware of: graphic violence, stylized violence,
Bonus: The interview included in this book explains a little behind the scenes, which is very interesting.

PS: I’m a third generation Batman fan starting with my grandfather (who read the original, first ever Batman story), to my father, to me. If it wasn't for my dad and grandfather, I wouldn't be such a Batman Nerd and love when writers and illustrators create new aspects of the Batman myth. :)

Source: Library.

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