Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I had a semi-plan for this post today. I was going to define Shojo Manga after a Shojo Manga review and tell you my first exposure (Mars) and some current faves (Otomen, Captive Hearts). Instead, I spent a good portion of the weekend spending time with The Philosopher Musician, talking to a good friend, and trekking to the museum today to see an awesome exhibit.

I promise that next weekend, you'll start seeing reviews of more recent titles. The main hang up is that I have four books to write reviews of and I need The Philosopher Musician to edit them (plus some). I have school work to do in there too...

ALSO, I went to the Main Library this weekend and walked out with a stack of graphic novels. Add to this that I also ordered a slew of them at the beginning of last week from the library. Problem? It snowed. A lot. So books didn't travel from their home library to mine until this weekend. I'm excited for the stuff coming in, but it is an awful lot.

In other news...

The Cybils 2009 Award Winners have been announced. In that slew of books I'm getting is the YA Graphic Novel winner. I'm very interested to read this one, especially now that it won.

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