Sunday, February 14, 2010

GROG - Naruto Vol. 1

Title: Naruto Vol. 1
Author: Masashi Kishimoto
Illustrator: Masashi Kishimoto
Copyright: 2003 (1999 Japan)
Price: $7.95
ISBN: 978-1-56931-900-0
Summary: Prankster and trickster Naruto wants to become an adult. Unfortunately, his desire for attention has stopped him from being able to graduate school and become an “adult.” Naruto also harbors a secret that is linked into what happened to the town 12 years ago. In this first volume, Naruto does eventually graduate from school, but only after proving himself a more capable ninja than was first thought and after his secret is revealed.
Thoughts: In my first exposure to this, I really thought it was stupid and immature. Reading Naruto from the beginning, though, I find Naruto is a likable character. You can’t help but hope that he gets either the respect and/or the title that he is after. It is hard to tell if Naruto believes his connection to the town’s past or not as he is only focused on becoming the best Ninja. Overall, this title is a funny and interesting read. I can easily understand why teens like this title, but I would not recommend for anyone under the age of 13.
Will Teens Like It? Yes, popularity of Shonen Jump (which this is published under) and how many times teens have asked for this proves so.
Things to be aware of: “Ninja Centerfold” – Naruto’s transformation trick is to turn into a nude (yet important stuff is hidden) female. Language, such as “crap.”

Reviewed library copy.

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