Saturday, November 21, 2009


Title: Love.Com Vol. 2 and 3
Author: Aya Nakahara
Illustrator Aya Nakahara
Copyright: 2007
Price: $8.99
Publisher: Viz Media
ISBN: 978-1-4215-1344-7
Summary: Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani are still fighting with each other and still walking home after school together. These mixed signals only confirm to their friends what a cute couple Risa and Otani would make. By chance in Volume 2, Otani’s ex-girlfriend re-enters his life and she has something to say. In volume 3, with a new school year come new feelings, new students and crushes.
Thoughts: The series is picking up for me. Unlike traditional shojo [“soap opera”] mangas I’ve read (only a few, but the big titles), the main characters still haven’t kissed by the end of Vol. 3. This is driving me NUTS, but as I read, I can see more of the charm of this manga and how teens could like it. I’m going to continue reading since it seems the library system has up to vol. 13 out of what seems to be 17 volumes. I hope this is worth the time.
Will Teens Like It? The more I read, the more I see middle school and early high school students enjoying this. Why? Teens are awkward about their height, their looks, and their feelings for others. All of this is touched upon in the manga.
Things to be aware of: SPOILER: There is a transvestite. Usual teen drama.
Bonus: Vol. 2 and 3 were checked out of my library system.

When I talk about “Soap Opera” mangas, I am generally thinking about the popular classic title Mars which is 15 volumes in length (and I own) and other titles that are shojo and deal with real world issues (Tramps Like Us; the short lived Honey Mustard, and such).

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