Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GROG - Black Jack Vol. 1

Title: Black Jack Vol. 1
Author: Osamu Tezuka
Illustrator: Osamu Tezuka
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: [I returned the lib copy. SORRY]
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1934287-27-9
Summary: Dr. Black Jack is an unlicensed doctor, but when others are in a tight situation or need help, he is there to offer his services and work medical miracles. In this collection of stories, readers are introduced to Black Jack who performs eye transplants, brain transplants, skin transplants, and even repairs a machine that thinks it is human. He performs all of this coolly and calmly, asking for money from those who can part with it and offering assistance to those who can’t. Readers are also introduced to parts of his past and how he can help without the aid of medicine.
Thoughts: This is a great classic, though it should not be read anywhere near meal time (if you are squeamish like me). The art of Osamu Tezuka is a very familiar style, especially to those who know of Astroboy. The stories collected in this volume range from touching, to gross, to scary, but Black Jack always prevails (except in one, very moving story). Each snippet seems to conceal a hidden lesson for the reader and provoke discussion. This title is a must have as it is a classic and “cornerstone” to manga (most of what Osamu Tezuka wrote is considered classic).
Will Teens Like It? Older teens and adults will enjoy this title.
Things to be aware of: Some racist portrayals. Earliest copyright is the 1970s, but there is an unfortunate stereotype in this book.
Bonus: When I saw that they were republishing Black Jack I was excited! I wanted to read this title in high school, but the high school copy disappeared. Osamu Tezuka is a classic name I have run into over and over and his work has yet to disappoint.

This copy was a library copy.

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