Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Gifts and Musings

Things have been crazy. I didn't realize my last update was in October. My thought was the last update was in November sometime. A lot happened in November.

What has happened since that last update? Well, in the whirlwind that was the end of October I made a professional move from teen services to all youth services, changed libraries, changed counties, got an apartment with the Philosopher Musician, moved (am still moving stuff over), and found myself basically being an adult. All in the span of about two weeks. It was impressive. It has been a great move.

Now, according to last week or so, I finished grad school. Yes, I'm done (with a few exceptions). I can focus on my life again, whatever that is. One thing I've discovered as of late is that I'm a gamer. Yes, a video gamer. I purchased a Red Nintendo Wii (anytime I can get a red electronic, I do) which came with the awesome Super Mario Bros Wii. We lucked into a cheap, working Xbox and picked up a few games for that. I was getting into Steam again until my old computer tower (at least 10 years old) decided it wasn't going to see the Slave Drive. SimCity 4 was just on sale (I "have" it, but can't play it). The Netbook is just not good for gaming.

That's where I'm at and what I've been up to. The Philosopher Musician is coming on as a full partner here when we can get focus.
For the goodies! For Christmas, The Philosopher Musician got me...COMICS! (I had figured out one of these things because he said he looked at my comic collection! HA!)

Ruse Issue 16, which I may or may not have all ready. Catwoman Issue 2 since I have number 1!

Catwoman Issues 25 and 34. Filling in some story arcs. Very well done.
YES YES YES YES. The store, he says, was surprised they even had this one! One of the few that I willingly own the Issues AND the book. :)
My apologies for the bad pictures. My camera took a dive a few weeks ago (it rattles) so these were taken with a cheaper camera.

I got him Axe Cop vol. 1 for Christmas which we're both pretty excited for.

Life is good.

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APRYL said...

Merry Christmas and congratulations on graduating!