Monday, May 10, 2010

Vimanarama by Grant Morison, Philip Bond, et al.

Title: Vimanarama
Author: Grant Morrison, et al.
Illustrator: Philip Bond, et al.
Publisher: Vertigo
Copyright: 2005
Price: $12.99
ISBN: 1-4012-0496-1
Summary: Meet Ali, the scholarly son of a Pakistani family living in London. His biggest concerns at the moment are saving his brother from a box of Turkish Delights that fell on him when the floor disappeared and whether or not his father chose an ugly future wife for him. After his brother is in the hospital, Ali visits him and declares he’ll kill himself if his future wife is ugly. Ali is interrupted as he has to rescue (I believe) his nephew who unwittingly releases the dark forces upon the Earth. To complicate matters, Ali and the beautiful Sofia, his future bride, release the good forces including Prince Ben Rama, who loves Sofia immediately as she is the exact genetic makeup of his past love. All this and more occurs as the world faces certain end and the rebirth of a new culture.
Thoughts: What a fun story! The more I think about it, the more I enjoy the fun artwork, the quirky superhero story, and the adventures of Ali. I am a little confused as to their background/culture (which is supposed to be Pakistani) but I actually looked past that just for the story. Overall, a good fun read with a little moral about being kind and caring for the environment. Although, I am a little unsure about its place in a YA graphic novel collection as I can see both sides. It is up to you, but I recommend a glance thru.
Will Teens Like It? Probably. Grant Morrison has a following (“W00t!” – The Philosopher Musician) and it will definitely appeal to high school teens as there is the question of what happens in the future.
Things to be aware of: Nudity (in a non-sexual way), a head is ripped from the body, suicide (of the hanging variety)
Source: Library.

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